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1924 shad creek road-shad creek road does not yet exist -you can see all the homes at this time have long boardwalks to access their homes

ruffle bar 1924  -you can see the homes that used to be on the island and what appears to be a canal

ruffle bar 1951-looks like they put dredged material over the marsh interior

ruffle bar 2008

the raunt 1924–close up the neighborhood that used to exist just north of Broad Channel on the west side of crossbay blvd

the raunt 1924 zoomed out  that is broad channel just below lower in the photo

jamaica bay 1924

15th thru 13th roads west side

1924 16 thru 18th roads in Broad channel

little egg marsh sand bar island 1924

little egg marsh sand bar island 1951

little egg marsh sand bar island 1996

canarsie island 2008

canarsie island 1951

canarsie island 1924–in 1924 the island does not exist it is only a small marsh island and a mud flat

howardbeach 1924

jfk area 1924

1924 northern tip of broad channel

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