Bill to Protect Menhadden

Great job Senator Addabbo


Queens, NY (February 11, 2019): The NYS Senate passed S.2317, co-sponsored by Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. which prohibits taking a species of fish known as the Atlantic Menhaden from district waters using a purse seine.

“Last year when the bill failed to reach the Senate floor for a vote, I pledged to support the bill’s passage in 2019, ensuring that local fishermen and wildlife would not be negatively impacted by overfishing. The passage of S.2317/A.2571 by both houses is great news for coastal areas within the district,” Addabbo said.

Seine fishing involves using a large fishing net, called a seine, cast off the side of large commercial fishing boats to collect fish. Menhadan fish are popular for seine fishing because they are used for fishmeal and fish-oil based products and local anglers use them as bait to catch larger fish that they can eat or sell. They are also a major food source for whales, dolphins and other large marine life.

Under current laws, any fishing vessel that purchases a permit can legally use these purse seines to capture large amounts of these vital fish species. “Atlantic Menhaden have fallen victim to overfishing in the waters of the Rockaways”, Addabbo said. “We have seen a strong comeback of Menhaden in the waters off the Rockaways and Broad Channel in recent years thanks to the efforts of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and the passage of this vital legislation will only continue that progress.”

Dan Mundy, Jr. of the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers stated, “The Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers commend Senator Addabbo for his leadership on this bill to protect this critical Marine Resource. Menhaden are the single most important fish species and are the main food source for so many other species including Whales, dolphins, seals, striped bass, blue fish, weak fish and many others. They are considered the most important baseline food source for the entire ocean food chain. This bill is critical to stop large corporations from entering our waters with their massive vacuum ships that literally wipe out entire schools of these fish in single takes. We need to ensure that this species is protected from this type of harmful practice and that our waters remain a home for the whales and dolphins for future generations to enjoy.”

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